Adelaide, Amazing Journey with Stunning Works of Art From Old Buildings of Historical and Objects Made by Indigenous Australians

Adelaide is the capital of the Australian in South Australia. The city is Coastal city in on the eastern shores of Gulf St Vincent, The city was founded by Colonel William Light in 1836. It was named after Queen Adelaide, wife of King William IV of England. In the town there is a beautiful park of parcíku and stone houses of charm. Each district is decorated with the church. Adelaide is a cultural city with several art galleries that opened in 1881. Among other things, is the largest collection of Australian art. The Museum of migrants display exhibition on the history of trade and settlement of South Australia. Adelaide travel is amazing journey with stunning works of art from old buildings of historical and objects made ??by indigenous Australians, offers  Adelaide Botanic Garden,  is the largest greenhouse in the southern hemisphere, Cleland Wildlife Park, Maritime Museum, Town Hall building, or attending a festival and several sport activities in the River Torrens, suitable for family holidays.

Beach at Adelaide in Australia
Cleland Wildlife Park at Adelaide Australia
Maritime Museum at Adelaide in Australia
Town Hall building at Adelaide