Adirondack Mountains and Park in Northeast New York

"Adirondack Mountains"

Adirondack Mountains is a mountains area in the Adirondack park, this place is located in the northeast New York, the region has a relatively humid weather even during summer. This place offers stunning views of each region, including lakes, valleys, and forests that contain a variety of plants and wildlife. besides being a place of research, this place is also one popular destination for those who have an adventurous soul, hiking, camping, climbing, hunting and fishing or take a experience to canoe and kayak on the lakes and rivers are located around the area of the Adirondack park.

"Rock Climbing"

If you are a fan of rock climbing and ice climbing, you can do it in the vicinity of the park boundary as in the Rogers Rock.

Adirondack Mountains offers plenty of lodging that blend with the natural environment such as cabins, villas and hotels. or stay at some wild resorts choice, located in Lake Placid, Lake George and Saranac Lake.

"Adirondack Park"