Alberobello, Historic Town and Defined as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in Italy

Alberobello is a historic town in Italy. It is located in the south-east of Puglia, about 50 km from Bari. The history of this city dates back to the late 16th century. defined as World Heritage site by UNESCO since 1996. Alberobello is situated on two hills which were once separated by a river. There is a new modern city on the eastern summit. This city became one family vacation destination and honeymoon couples who are inspired by the old city, with a classic style suitable for a relaxing holiday, antique shopping, and culinary tours. Alberobello has old city with typical “trulli” houses on top of the West. These houses were built of stones piled on each other without using mortar which were inspired by the tombs of the Middle East, which were constructed in such a way that thousands of years. Many of these houses have been preserved in Alberobello and its surroundings until today. The city’s most illustrious and Monti are Aja Piccola, where local people have not been living, and where many small shops. Another major attraction of the city includes the Church of St.Antonio and other historic buildings.

Alberobello Italy
Alberobello Trulli in Italy
Church of St.Antonio at Alberobello City