Alhambra, Complex of Palaces and Fortress in Granada Spain

Alhambra is a complex of palaces and fortress built in the mid 14th century by Moorish rulers of the emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus, This place located on  the top of the hill Assabica in the southeastern border of the city of Granada in Andalusia,  Spain. this complex is universally esteemed as one of the greatest masterpieces of Muslim architecture. Built as a palace and fortress with a unique and stunning Islamic architecture for the last Muslim Emirs in Spain and its court. and now, Alhambra has become one of the World Heritage Site by UNESCO, together with 16th-century and later Christian building and garden interventions which has become one popular destination to travel in Granada Spain.

And for interior decoration, this place is dominated by the arabesques and calligraphy which is the remaining remnant of Moorish rule in Spain by Sultans, Joseph I, Mohammed V, and Ismail I.  Alhambra began last modified Renaissance style in 1492 by the conquerors. which consist of parks, rivers, palace, mosques and buildings remaining are located inside the castle walls is amazing, decorated with 13 large towers.

Alhambra in Granada Spain
Alhambra Palace in Granada
Wall Decoration at Alhambra