All About Tourist Attraction in the Famous City of Bari Italy

Bari is a city in Italy. It is located on the Adriatic coast in the south, in the province of Puglia. It’s the mezzogiorno’s largest city after Naples. This city became one of the major tourist attraction when visiting Italy. well with families, and groups. Bari has most valuable part of the city’s old town with narrow streets distinctive. There is the cathedral of San Sabino oldest part of which comes from the 12th century. and Other important monuments are in Bari Basilica of St. Nicolas which built on 1087 with a shrine of Bona Sforza, Princess of Bari Petruzzelli theater Normanno Svevo Castello,  Santa Chira Church, medieval church of San Marco dei Veneziana Santa Teresa dei Maschi, is a baroque church built between in 1690 to 1696. in addition offers historic buildings, Bari  Italy also famous for  beautiful beaches and old port, offers a tranquil beach atmosphere with complete facilities and trendy lifestyle, you can come on the beach called Panorama Bari.

Bari Famous City in Italy
Beach in Italy at Bari
Church of St.Antonio at Alberobello City