All About Travel Information to Famous Historic City of Avignon France

Avignon is an ancient city in southern France, which has its own charm of from each region, particularly for heritage listed historic buildings in the city.  City Located in the Vaucluse region of the left bank of the Rhone. Avignon City was founded in Roman times. From 1309 to 1377 became the seat of the Pope, who were forced to leave Rome. Avignon belonged to the Church September 14, 1791, when it became the property of the new French Republic. Today is a historic treasure of Avignon. They are beautiful architectural and cultural monuments. The most famous landmark and a symbol of the city is the Pont Saint Benezet Avignon. The four surviving original arches ends 22 to mid-Rhone.

Other important monuments in Avigon France is the Gothic papal palace in Avignon fortified. Fortifications had put the pope in the years 1335-1364. In addition, Notre-Dame des Doms, the mausoleum of Pope John XXII and the construction of a bishopric. And Avignon City Centre in 1995 was registered on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. Since 1947, a traditional place of the Avignon Festival, which showcases theater, dance, music and film. Artists act directly on the street or historic sites. not surprising that this historic city enthused thousands of tourists, because it has a fascinating cultural and historic sites. Suitable for holiday travel with your family this time.