Amazing Natural Charm, Zion National Park, Utah

In southwestern Utah, United States there is an amazing natural charm, garden surrounded by rivers with natural carved stone hard by the weather. This place is Zion National Park.

Zion National Park has a unique geography allowing the existence of plants and animals of unusual. There are number of plant species and 289 bird species in there, 75 mamalia , dan 32 reptil. They inhabit deserts, river, forest. If you travel to the jungle, you will find a common plant species include cottonwood, willows Cactus, yucca, Datura, shrubs, Juniper, Pine, and Boxelder.and make sure you do not miss to capture images of the natural life of Zion. Zion also offers a variety of famous megafauna including mountain lions, mule deer, and Golden Eagles.

Zion National Park, introduced the eight layers of sandstone, displaying what has been done weather and took two hundred-million years to carve out a rock hard stone. So the place is often said to be the most beautiful places in America, and also to make this place as a National Park on 19 November 1919.

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