Art Institute of Chicago, Encyclopedic Fine Art Museum in Chicago

This is a collection of art collection of Impressionist and  famous Post-Impressionist, with a mix of American art, Asian art, contemporary, and modern, all summed up in the Art Institute of Chicago, this is a journey of art, this museum is located in Chicago, Illinois’s Grant Park.

Art Institute of Chicago is an is an encyclopedic fine art museum,  is associated the School of Art Institute of Chicago, history says, the establishment of this museum is run by 35 artists who founded the Chicago Academy of Design studio in a building located on Dearborn Street, their goal is to providing free school with its own collection of galleries, classes opened in 1868, and successfully, the academy finally build a new home for school in 66 West Adams Street, which opened in 1870. But unfortunately, the Great Chicago Fire destroys their struggle so far, by taking $ 10,000 of debt in 1878, then they do not stay silent, they got up and finally they made a deal to local entrepreneurs to build the school again, with the name of the Chicago Academy of fine arts, and in 1882, the school was renamed the Art Institute of Chicago. step by step through with great struggle, with the heart, with passion, and now great evidence, that this art museum has become one of the greatest art in the United States.

And what you get from the Art Institute of Chicago is a collection of more than 260,000 works of art, including paintings impressionist, post-Impressionist, American, and more. You will enjoy Madame Cézanne in the Yellow Chair, Paul Cezanne The Basket of Apples, Vincent Van Gogh’s Bedroom at Arles and Self-portrait, and great works from the collection of Grant Wood’s American Gothic, Mary Cassatt’s The Child’s Bath and Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. in addition to the above collection, you’ll see the artwork in the style of architecture asia, America, and Europe, and one that can pamper blind, namely Touch galleries, which allows the blind to enjoy art, not with the eyes, but with a touch, and liver. Visit the Art Institute of Chicago, and get the biggest inspiration in life surprises you.