Avila Beach, One of the Best Summer Vacation in California

This is a summer vacation trip was perfect, with the atmosphere of a beautiful beach and charming, with some activities that can be done, the beach has become one of the main holiday destination in California. Avila Beach is located approximately 160 miles northwest of Los Angeles, and about 200 miles south of San Francisco.

Avila Beach has an average temperature is quite varied, ranging from upper 40s to low 70 Fahrenheit from November through April, and May to October reached 60 to 80, and cold weather california, come during the rainy season, around December to March. Make sure you set the schedule separately visited Avila Beach, adjust to the climate is going on.

Not just swimming, surfing, and fishing, Avila Beach also offers some interesting activities, and make you utnuk not stay silent, walking up the hill to see the beauty panorama of Avila from above, or go shopping in both stores Avila, playing golf, tennis, good restaurants, as well as several hotel options. All improved and developed step by step for the better, until it is really a tourist destination.