Beach Village Boqueron, Holiday to Cabo Rojo Puerto Rico

When you perform holiday to Puerto Rico, you should make a trip to Boqueron, this place is a beach village located in Cabo Rojo. This village is one of the main tourist attraction in this island, which has several pristine sandy beaches. Boqueron beach has a public beach resort, which is also often referred to as the best and most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico. and now has become a popular destination for many local and foreign tourists. when on the Boqueron beach, you will see wooden-shack restaurants, which add to the atmosphere of quiet beach, which was decorated by nature reserves and state forests inhabited by several species of protected birds. You can down to other beach in Boqueron, such as the El Combate, which is also a one of the best beaches in the region.

Boqueron Beach Puerto Rico
Boqueron Beaches in Puerto Rico
Holiday to Puerto Rico at Boqueron