Beautiful Coastline Puerto Vallarta – Mexico

Maybe you have ever visited Cancun Mexico with beautiful beaches are amazing, also with its water activities, but whether you’ve visited Puerto Vallarta? Puerto Vallarta is one of the city and most popular holidays resort on the Pacific coast with a colonial atmosphere and architecture, first class restaurants and hotel. It lies precisely in the Gulf of Bandera Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta has a beautiful coastline, offering activities that are not owned facilities from other parts of Mexico, this is what makes Puerto Vallarta one of the most visited places during holidays in mexico, maybe because it is supported by the Puerto Vallarta weather which is ideal for you lovers of water sports and sun bathing. what you get from Puerto Vallarta is not just a beach scene, there are other hidden beauty of tourism in Puerto Vallarta, lush forests and sparkling waterfalls offer many opportunities for adventuring around the bay of Puerto Vallarta. or visit Mexico City and Guadalajara, if you do not want to congregate with other tourists in Puerto Vallarta holidays, if you want to experience another holidays trip in Mexico.

Get it :
For Puerto Vallarta, you have to do flight to Gustavo Diaz Ordaz the International Airport, and if you are in the airport, you can easily to get a taxi, you should look for official taxis at the main airport atrium.