Beautiful Pink Sand Beach in Bermuda

"Bermuda Island"

Bermuda is one of the islands that became the main beach tourist destination which lies off the east coast of the United States, this place has become a family vacation destination and honeymoon couples most popular for several decades. The interesting thing is the beauty of the pink sand in Bermuda beach, such as Elbow Beach and Church Bay which is dominated by a few fun activities that can be done. explore the diverse marine life by snorkeling and scuba diving, or trying to swim in relatively warm water throughout the day, or relax at the bermuda beach resort which is not far from access to other facilities. if you are travel to bermuda, make sure you keep the natural environment for the harmonious continuity of life between man, nature and contents.

"Clear Water in Bermuda Beach"

"Main Beach Bermuda"

"Pink Sand Bermuda"