Beautiful Place in the South Pacific, Pitcairn Island

Pitcairn Islands are a group of 4 islands named Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie and Oeno, and Pitcairn is the only inhabited island with 48 residents from 9 families. Pitcairn Island is located in the South Pacific, about 3,300 nautical miles from New Zealand and 4,000 nautical miles from the Americas.

According to history, the islanders are descendants of the rebels under the leadership of Fletcher Christian HMAV.

And what you get on the island of Pitcairn is a natural life of the hemisphere, virgin and isolated, the island has beautiful bay and beach, so that this island  is one of  the most visited  during holidays,  with humid and tropical temperatures, which ranged between 60 ° F (16 ° C) on winter nights to 85 ° F (30 ° C) on summer days.