Berlin Zoo, First Zoo in Germany

If you were in Berlin, or are planning a vacation with family to Germany, you should arrange your visit to the Berlin Zoo. This place is the Zoo in south-western corner of the Tiergarten, where it consists of a large playground, restaurants and coffee shops, providing a full day of family entertainment. It is home to more than 13,000 species of animals. Berlin Zoo was founded by Alexander von Humboldt and Martin Lichtenstein in 1844, which became the first zoo in Germany.

There are two main entrances, the Lion Gate at Hardenbergplatz, and the Elephant Gate next to the Aquarium at Olof Palme Platz. More than two million annual visitors who thronged the area is open all year and can easily be reached by public transport. All the animals are placed like in their natural habitat, and this is the main attraction of the Berlin Zoo and the surrounding area, such as big cats and many rare small predators, such as ring-tailed mongooses and much more. This place also has a basement which features a variety of nocturnal animals.

Berlin travel is not over, you can still visit other places as fun, a lot of learning and performance associated with animals, visit the  Zoo Aquarium or the Tierpark Berlin.

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