Best Beach Vacations in the United States, Cooper’s Beach

American tourism is one of the best in the world, especially the wonderful beaches that are owned, one of which is Cooper’s Beach, the beach is located in Southampton on Long Island which is the first settlement in New York State. With complete amenities such as vacation home rentals, rental cars, parking lots, and other rentals facilities, as well as state of the beach is clean and pleasant, the beach is fair if the best beaches in the United States, such as a survey conducted by the well known Dr.Beach as Dr. Stephen P. Leatherman.

With a beautiful coastline along the seven miles which was accompanied by pohutukawa trees, this beach looks more exciting, and the bay are ideal for swimming, kayaking, fishing, diving, boating, and other water activities, or traveling outside the mainland to see the unique crafts, play golf, horse riding as well, or you can travel to Mangonui, a historic fishing village in the United States. so, this is the most perfect holiday houses for now

Get it :

By Train
From New York, cheapest and quickest option is The Long Island Railroad, the cost ranges from $ 29 – $ 40.

By bus
Popular bus service available is The Hampton jitney, it helps you make a reservation, because there are twenty trips per day.

Best Beach Vacation, Coopers Beach Southampton
Coopers Sandy Beach Southampton, American Tourism