Best Ski Resort in North America, Killington Ski Resort

Your ski adventure is not over my friend, Killington has areas that you want, Killington Mountain Resort, a ski resort is located near Killington, Vermont. Killington Ski Resort is the largest and most visited in the eastern part of North America.

Killington has a main peak height 4235 ft, which is the second highest in Vermont, with a 3050 foot drop vertikap, covering 141 roads, 28% easy, 33% more difficult, along 88 miles of road. This allows you to hit and do your best ski action, assisted by several lifts include 2 Gondola, 9 quadruples (5 high speed), 4 triples, 2 doubles, and 5 surface.

And what you get at Killington as well as at other ski resorts, ski school, equipment rental, lodging, restaurants, and unforgettable experience, visit Killington, and get exciting experience that you want.