Bilbao, One of the Greatest Trip Destinations in Spain

Bilbao is one of the greatest trip destinations in Spain, this city is the capital of Vizcaya in the Basque Country, located on the edge of the Avenida, the city is very well known because of the spectacular Guggenheim Museum which opened in 1997 marks the dawn of new era for the city of heavy industry previously held little attraction for international tourists.

If you are one of the few people who liked the way the city of cities, Bilbao offers much more than this awesome piece of architecture is without doubt one of the landmarks of Europe’s best and most remarkable, a dynamic blend of culture and commerce in which ancient and modern architectural styles make somewhat strange bedfellows, but never boring. The city has a wealth of museums and restaurants serving excellent cuisine traditional Basque generally regarded as some of the best in Spain.

Before you visit this beautiful city, it helps you know the climate is going to visit you do not have problems and end up in vain, The climate in Bilbao is lighter than in most other parts of the peninsula, rarely fall below freezing in winter, or rise above 35 º C in summer, and the daytime high temperature in summer is usually around the 22C. And if you are looking for the beach, you can visit the ritzy resort of San Sebastian, This place offers a fine sandy beach, and consists of several modern facilities are near the beach, this visit is only about 90 kilometers to the east of Bilbao.

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