Bogota, Capital City in Colombia with Amazing Tourist Attractions

Bogota is the capital city in Colombia, the city has an amazing tourist attractions, ranging from ancient buildings in the old town of La Candelaria, including palaces, Bohemian cafes, art galleries, houses relics of the old colonial, gold museum, see a bullfighting, which is a culture in Bogota, and more. in addition, there are so many things to do in Bogota, you can travel to Montserrat, to see the beauty of the city from above, or enjoy the beauty of the sunset. if you are looking for a lively night life, your choice to Bogota is right, you can visit La Zona Rosa, one of the best nightlife in Bogota.

For the next day, you can visit the Cathedral Zipaquira in Zipaquira, Carved into a huge salt mine, located in northern Bogota for the trip to Villa de Leiva. Last visit Guatavita, a lake that offers a more relaxed atmosphere, has several restaurants, with boat tours offered. play whitewater rafting, hiking, biking, and much more. make sure to visit Bogota, when you make a trip to Colombia

Cathedral Zipaquira in Zipaquira
Guatavita Lake in Bogota
La Candelaria in Bogota Colombia
Montserrat in Bogota Colombia
Old town of La Candelaria Bogota