Bordeaux – One of the Beautiful City in France

Being one of the beautiful city in France, Bordeaux became crowded during the holiday season arrives, this place is a port city located in the southwestern France, famous for its wine and countryside offering beautiful views. And that is the main attraction wine country of Bordeaux If you like the trip to the cities which still save the cultural and historic heritage, this city is an ideal destination, in downtown, you’ll find some relics of the 18th century, consisting of shops and museums. If you want to get out of town, you can rent a car and go into the vineyard to sample the best wines. If you coincide in June, you can follow the wine festival. For some exotic relaxation, bathed in red wine Vinotherapie Caudalie Spa, which is also a hotel and vineyard. For education in wine, the Ecole du Vin offers lessons about wine in English. To try more Bordeaux wine, Haut-Brion visit the castle, and in addition, La Mission Haut-Brion. Bordeaux France offers a beautiful place to live. select one of the French hotel in this city, in addition , there are several places of entertainment. Overall, Bordeaux is an increasingly modern city, with the vineyards of the beautiful countryside, the value of history, shopping, and great wine.

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