Borneo, One of the Best Travel Destination for Rain Forest Trips and Marine Life

Borneo is one of the best travel destination associated with nature, the region of Borneo more owned by Indonesia, although also some territory owned by Malaysia and Brunei. Borneo dominated by rain forest dense, and virgin beaches which have rich of marine life. Usually the tourists do diving, kayak, and snorkeling in the coastal area, both in areas close to Kalimantan, Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia. Besides offering stunning views of marine life, Borneo is also a popular destination for nature tourism in forest areas and mountains, you’ll get a great opportunity to see and observe the wild and rare animals, such as orang utan, and other animals.

Borneo Island
Orang Utan in Borneo Rain Forest
Rain Forest Areal in Borneo
Snorkeling in Borneo Beaches