Boston Museum of Science, The Oldest Science Museums in Boston, United States

Boston Museum of Science is one of the most famous museums in Boston, located about 20 minutes from downtown, Boston Massachusetts, this became the oldest museums in the United States, so do not be surprised if the Museum of Science visited by more than 1.5 million people every year, too much to see and note, too many things to be learned.

what you get is 500 interactive exhibits, with some interesting performances that offered a unique by the Boston Museum of Science, one of the most popular is the Mugar Omni IMAX theater, and the Charles Hayden Planetarium, and show what makes an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquarium, featuring more than 150 animals rescued from dangerous situations.

Boston Museum of Science is open from Saturday to Thursday at 9 :00 – 5 :00, and Friday from 9 :00 to 9 :00, and what you get when visiting  is a show virtual exhibits, the library offers several collections of magazines, books and DVDs in the field of technology, the Boston Museum also offers lectures and courses for children and adults. So, for your trip to boston this time, I recommend the Museum of Science to your visit, the best way to spend the rest of the weekend, or your vacation event.