Brooklyn Bridge, The Oldest Suspension Bridges in The United States

Brooklyn bridge history began construction in 1870, designed by John Augustus Roebling, and finally down to his son Washington Roebling, for he died during the construction of the bridge, the bridge finally finished and used in May 24, 1883, with a long development process. This bridge used to connect New York City District Manhattan and Brooklyn, through the East River, which is recognized is the oldest suspension bridges in the United States.

Many people come walking at the Brooklyn Bridge along the 5989 feet, see the beauty from above the bridge, nighttime is the awesome, frenetic lights the sky over the city, not only in pictures or on the wallpaper you have, the Brooklyn bridge is captivating thousands of people for watch, and walked casually on top, beautiful, romantic, and amazing.

The fact that the Brooklyn Bridge has been passed around 6,000 pedestrians, 3,000 bicycles, and other vehicles, this is one proof of hard work building this bridge, sturdy, and handsome astride. besides walking on the bridge you need to look around the bridge, a Brooklyn bridge park stretches 1.3 kilometers, is located on the north side of Manhattan Bridge to Atlantic Avenue, which consists of 1-6 Piers, this will make the bridge area come alive, become spaces public with a full grass, bay, beach, recreation and play areas, this is the perfect place when you want to find an enjoyable holiday moments, set your vacation schedule to the Brooklyn bridge, and get joy.