Buckingham Palace, Famous Classical Object Building in central London, Great Britain

Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the British monarch. It is located in central London, Great Britain. The palace is where opportunities for state takes place and where official guests, are invited to state an official visit. In addition, This place is one tourist attraction while visiting England. The area in front of the palace has always been a rallying point for the British people in times of crisis or state event.

Buckingham Palace Interior, The main rooms in the palace, ie the state rooms – the Music Room, Blue Room and the clean room – are on the first floor of the west wing. This group of rooms connected by a 50-meter long gallery of paintings by famous artists (Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Vermeer, Rubens, etc.) Then there is the Green Drawing Room and the room the throne: they both are used only for official events. Just under the State House, there are several smaller rooms – bedroom semi-state. They are used for luncheons and private audiences. Some of them were named for important visitors (eg, room 1844, whose name is linked to the visit of Tsar Nicolas I of Russia. Amid this group of items is the Bow Room Through which passed thousands of customers each year when they arrive for the Queen’s Garden Party Private rooms used by the Queen, are located in the north wing of the palace rooms of the ground floor of the wing Following North -.. Belgium – are used by foreign heads of state and pay a state visit to the United Kingdom. The east wing of the palace, especially the red and blue Chinese Luncheon Room and the Yellow Room are decorated in style with oriental furniture from Brighton Pavilion.

The building palace complex has a classical object tall, with a stately facade. It is decorated with Corinthian half-mast. The building was originally designed for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703, on a site that was previously occupied by the Goring House. Several decades later, then becomes the official residence of the king. Between 1826 and 1830 it was remodeled according to the design by architect John Nash. In 1837, during the reign of Queen Victoria. These place has Special Events  nominations, including the granting of knighthood by dubbing with a sword, official first day of the visit of a head of state, state dinners for foreign diplomats, Ambassador public, etc.

Buckingham Palace View from West
entrance gate in Buckingham Palace
Inside Interior in Buckingham Palace1