Buenos Aires, Travel Information the World Class Metropolis of Argentina

Buenos Aires is a world-class metropolis and the capital of Argentina. The city is located in the eastern part of the country on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Uruguay and Parana rivers. Buenos Aires is the most important port in Argentina. Most beautiful sights of Buenos Aires are located in the downtown and in the beach area.  Such as the Teatro Colon built in the late 19th century is one of the most significant buildings of the city. There is a large yellow obelisk nearby. It was erected in 1930 at the spot where the Argentine flag was first hoisted. There are beautiful historic buildings in the Plaza de Mayo. The most famous building in Buenos Aires is the presidential palace, known as Casa Rosada was built at the site of the old fortress. Today, there is a museum in the palace. The cathedral and the buildings are also located in Congreso called the Plaza de Mayo. The National Assembly of Argentina and the Monument of the Two conferences are located at Plaza del Congreso. Buenos Aires has some museums. The most interesting of them are the National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires or the National History Museum of Buenos Aires. Another place of interest is the cemetery where Evita Peron is buried Recolta. The neighborhood of La Boca attracts visitors to the famous football stadium where Maradona used to play. There are many attractions in the district of Palermo, like a botanical garden, a zoo, a planetarium, a horse racing track and a rose park. Making it suitable to plan your next family vacation.

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