Calella, Famous Seaside Resort in Spain

Calella is famous seaside resort in Spain. Located in Costa Maras, Catalonia,  about 50 km north of Barcelona. Calella attracts visitors with beautiful beaches, great restaurants and famous for its carnations, which are grown here. Calella best reached by car. Here the road C-32e If you choose air, you can use the Barcelona International Airport. Barcelona to get there by train, taxi, transfer, or a rental car. Calella is a popular resort, which is protected by the mountains of Montenegro. Has beautiful beaches and width, some fun water activities. which safe for children, which is lined promenade of Passeig de Manuel Puigvert are shops, bars and restaurants. The beach is 2 km long and its end is a beautiful lighthouse. On the beach are also available for showers. Is this the turbulent southern part. Beach has even received a “Blue Flag”. Calella surprised everyone, tourism facilities first and certainly the historical center.

Calella in Spain
Some Buildings at Calella
Tourist at Calella Spain