Calpe, One of the Most Popular Tourism in Spain

Calpe beach is one of the most popular tourism in Spain. The coastal town has several coastline is decorated by nature reserve which often called the Penon de Ifach. This nature reserve is a big population of flamingos and marine life such as octopus, moray eels and barracuda. So this place can also be a great destination for fishing, Calpe area formed by several bays and sandy beaches, which makes the beautiful scenery around the beach area. Cliffs divide small cracks in most of the beaches. Calpe Beach has several restaurants, Villa, and bars. In addition, Calpe offers many types of water sports like water skiing, scuba diving and windsurfing. Calpe also offers sailing activities. In addition, good and suitable for scuba diving in clear waters. For visitors who are not diving, they have the opportunity to visit the sea aboard glass bottom boat.

Calpe in Spain
Clear Water in Calpe beach
Tourism in Spain of Calpe