Cape Verde, Beautiful Islands in the Central Atlantic Ocean

Cape Verde is an archipelago consisting of nine islands, located in the central Atlantic Ocean, most of these islands is an area vulanik, and partly a stretch of sand and flat island, and has been recognized by the world, the island of Cape Verde is an island has particularly beautiful beaches, clean water and rich marine life.

One is Praia, on Santiago island, Praia has a very beautiful sandy beaches, and amazing, is supported by a caring society that continue to preserve nature, so the authenticity of the beach is maintained. Praia beach is generally surrounded by mountains, which makes the beach Praia more graceful and majestic. you can easily find hotels, restaurants and other accommodation if you really want to explore the Cape Verde islands one by one to several days.

One of the most beautiful is the Brava, the smallest island of Cape Verde’s most difficult to be reached, but the island inji have the most beautiful beaches of the other, natural, beautiful, virginal, and alienated. Usually the tourists take advantage of the holiday by performing Diving or Cruising, and try to blend with the natural fact of Cape Verde.

If you come in February, you’ll enjoy a carnival scene in Cape Verde, a carnival with unique costumes, dancing, singing, loving, with a joyous atmosphere, the carnival is akin to a carnival that was held in Brazil. so what makes you hesitate to visit the island of Cape Verde? this time make sure your holiday to Cape Verde, and find out what is often spoken of about the uniqueness, beauty, and excitement in the Cape Verde holiday.