Capital Gate, Skyscraper in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

This is one of the famous buildings in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Capital Gate is a skyscraper located adjacent to the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre. This building has a floor count 35 with 53,100 m2 floor area, like the tower of Pisa in Italy, this building also has a 18 degree incline to the west. Building was built using 15,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete with 10,000 tons of steel with the core purpose built slightly off center. Capital Gate also anchored to the Earth with 490 piles that are drilled more than 30m deep.

Here’s a list of facts about the Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi :

Construction on this building began in September 2007, and scheduled for completion in 2010.

The building has a height of 160 m above the ground with a slope of 18 degrees to the west.

The building has 35 floors, the floor of 2-16 is used as office space with an area of ??20,900 square meters, while on the floor 18 and so on is a house with 189 rooms, an exclusive hotel (Hyatt Capital Gate) with an area of ??25,050 square meters. Floors 1 & 17 comprise plant rooms

More than 6,000 m3 of concrete used at the base, which contains a stack of 490 was drilled to a 30m deep. and more than 8,000 structural steel, beams, columns, and embedment plates used on the tower.

This building consists of more than 12,000 different glass panels form the more than 720 different diamond-shape on the external facade of the tower, this is what makes the building looks majestic and graceful.

Capital Gate Design :

This building has different rooms, both on the glass panel and from every corner of the room, it aims to provide symmetry so that inspire people inside and outside the tower. This building was designed to blend in with the National Day Grandstand,

In addition to rooms and offices, this building also has other facilities such as swimming pool on the 19th floor which provides a direct view overlooking Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Mangrove, Downtown Abu Dhabi, Saadiyat and Yas Island, as well as the Arabian Gulf.

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