Carcassonne France, Best Preserved Fortified City in Europe

Carcassonne best preserved  fortified city in Europe. This place Located in the south of France in the department of Aude and region Lanquedoc. The beginnings of the city dates back to 6th century BC when the hill overlooking the River Aude Celts installed. Their rule lasted only briefly. Three centuries later another tribe settled there and founded the Celtic Gallic oppidum. After the appearance of the Romans in 122 fortifications were improved. This place is designed with 2 external walls and towers to prevent enemy attack, this castle has a charm on the bridge and the moat that leads to the center hold. in addition, near the fortress of Carcassonne, also contained Lac de la Cavayere, a recreational lake suitable to family.

Carcassonne Castle
Carcassonne fortified city in Europe
Carcassonne in France