Cataloochee Ski Resort, Best Ski Vacations in North Carolina

Located adjacent to the Maggie Valley, North Carolina. Cataloochee is one of the best ski area which has fourteen slope and trail for the players, a good set for beginners, intermediate, and professional, and thanks to the work of expert snowmaking, Cataloochee ski resort became one of the longest season in North Carolina, USA.

With a height of 5400 feet above, the Cataloochee ski resort became majestic and looks stunning, with a base altitude of 4600 feet, allowing you to do a long ski trip, assisted by five elevators that transport visitors along thethe way to the top, then began to slide in a 15 hectare ski area, with a decrease in the maximum about 740 vertical feet, fell, got up, and slid again into action.

Although the Cataloochee Ski resort is smaller compared to the ski resort in the southern United States, but the Cataloochee ski resort is part of the United States are quite popular, both for skiers and snowboarding, and facilities on offer are also easily be found, ski school, rental equipment, lodging, and cozy restaurants, visit the Cataloochee Ski Resort, and get your best ski vacations.