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Victoria Falls Tourism, Zimbabwe Africa

Beautiful and amazing, Victoria Falls is a waterfall in Africa, which is part of the Zambezi river, situated between countries Zambia and Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls tourism is widely believed to be the most beautiful waterfalls and most

The Hydroelectric Dam, Itaipu Dam in Paraguay

Itaipu Dam is a hydroelectric operation the largest in terms of annual generating capacity, Itaipu Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Parana river border between Brazil and Paraguay. Itaipu is a name of an island near

Vacation at Niagara Falls New York

Niagara Falls is a waterfall that straddle the border between the united states and canada, Niagara Falls a tourist destination since the mid-19th century, both in moments of personal or family vacation, Niagara Falls is a city

Santa Fe, Travel Informations in Argentina

Santa Fe is the main town in Argentina, was founded in 1573. It is located in the north near the confluence of the rivers Parana and Salado. About 20 km south of the city of Santa Fe

Buenos Aires, Travel Information the World Class Metropolis of Argentina

Buenos Aires is a world-class metropolis and the capital of Argentina. The city is located in the eastern part of the country on the Atlantic Ocean coast at the mouth of the Uruguay and Parana rivers. Buenos