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American History, Du Pont Family and Company in Hagley Museum

Hagley Museum is a blend of a meseum, factories, parks, and libraries, Hagley Museum is a nonprofit educational institution located in Wilmington, Delaware. Hagley Museum and Library interpret and preserve the history of  American  enterprise. The exhibition

Mona Lisa at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France

Louvre Museum, is a famous museum in Paris, and during visit at Louvre Museum, you can recalled the history and see the collection of famous people past. Looking monalisa painting or see the statue of Venus de

Metropolitan Museum of Art of Central Park United States

If you want to travel and see the works of art from classical antiquity to modern American design, you should arrange travel schedule to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This place is situated at the eastern

Essaouira, Travel Informations on Historical City in Marrakech, Morocco

Essaouira is a historic city in Morocco. It is located in western country in the region of Marrakech – Tensift – Al Haouz, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Archaeological research shows that the local had

Hagia Sophia Famous Building in Istanbul, Turkey

Being one of the attraction of foreign tourists, Hagia Sophia is a museum building that was inaugurated in 1935, which previously was a basilica and a mosque in Istanbul. This famous building has a beautiful architecture and