Chartres Cathedral, Most Popular Destination in France

Chartres Cathedral is one of tourist destinations in paris besides Notre Dame Cathedral, Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, they shared the same make paris majestic, and prove that Paris is full of works of art since the first. Chartres Cathedral is considered to have the style of French Gothic architecture.

About 80 kilometers southwest of Paris, you can find buildings that are built around the year 1193 and 1250, Chartres Cathedral, with original stained glass, proving that the cathedral is still preserved its authenticity until now, one that makes it look special is that the building exterior is dominated by many buttresses with a line of several sculptures.

You also will see the tower from the tower is visible when you approached the city of Chartres, one measuring 105 meters, and the other 113 meters, supported by three major facades decorated with several statues depicting several figures in the Cathedral Chartres.