Chiapas, Popular Destination in Mexico

Chiapas is one of the region south of Mexico, the place is a popular destination for hiking, visiting the unique city of San Cristobal, archaeological site at Palenque, Bonampak and Yaxchilan, and also the mayan sites. If you want to find a unique mixture of colonial culture mixed with Indian population that is still authentic, you must visited Chiapas to get the other side which is unique from Mexico, you have to travel to Tuxtla, the capital of this region. has several museums, zoos, and certainly the local culture that is still thick. If you like adventure activities, you can visit the hilly area that has a beautiful canyon and waterfall, you can do hiking in the forest region of Las Nubes.

Mayan Sites in Mexico Chiapas
Palenque in Chiapas
Travel to Tuxtla Chiapas
Waterfalls in Chiapas