Chicago Field Museum, Famous Museum in Chicago

Chicago Field Museum is a famous museum in Chicago, Illinois, United States, this museum offers several collections of geology, zoology, anthropology and Botany, which featured in several exhibitions such as Sue, the largest and most complete display Tynnosaurus, this is what makes field museum chicago crowded with visitors, both local and foreign tourists, to spend weekends and holidays. thus not only a famous museum, but the popular tourist attractions in Chicago.

Facts of Chicago Field Museum history, said that the museum was founded in 1893, and opened in 1921 with the name of the Columbian Museum of Chicago, then in 1950 this museum was replaced to honor Marshall Field, which is the main donor. Step by step updated to be better, and now the museum is part of the educational institution the Museum Campus Chicago, Field Museum offers multiple opportunities for public learning informally structured, with an exhibition featuring the unique and exciting. so that visitors can absorb knowledge more easily.

You will find several exhibitions which were very popular at the field museum chicago like appearance of some Asian and African mammals, a collection of diamonds and jewels from around the world are located in Grainger Hall, room featuring Twenty-three human mummies on display at an exhibition of ancient Egypt, as well as learn the history and evolution of life on Earth during the span of 4 billion a year ago, and many more. Before it’s missed, you should visit chicago field museum.