Chion-in Temple Enormous Bell, Kyoto, Japan.

This is Chionin Temple, famous buildings in japan, built in 1234 around the 17th century, this building is located at 400 Hayashi shita cho 3 chome, Yamato-oji, Higashi hairu, Shimbashi-dori, Kyoto, Japan.

if you visit the temple Chionin, you will see the beautiful buildings of this temple architecture, ranging from roof beams carved with the crest of the Tokugawa family, but wait a minute, before you go deeper into the temple area you will be my mentor from the main entrance.
Enter through the main gate and up the stairs is quite steep, about 79 feet, the main gate of this temple is also noted as the largest gate in Japan that was built around the year 1619, after passing through the main gate you go directly to the central temple complex, which was originally the temple complex It has 21 buildings, because of the earthquake and fire now only have the old buildings do and Daihojo Hon, you will also find Chionin’s temple bell weighing 74 tons and is the heaviest bell in Japan for now.
The main temple hall is also large enough to accommodate about 3,000 people, so you do not need to worry to see near every building.

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