Cologne cathedral, Roman Catholic Church With Gothic Style Architecture, Germany

Cologne Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church, built approximately in 1248, and completed more than six hundred later, the Cathedral is famous as a monument to Christian and Catholic Germany, especially, it was built and dedicated to St. Peter and the Blessed Virgin Mary, and now one of the sites The most famous world heritage in Germany.

Cologne cathedral was built in Gothic style architecture with high proportions of the draft form from the middle, with a Latin cross shape, supported by two aisles on either side of which is used to support the dome of the tower, the south tower height 157.31 meters and 157.38 meters for north tower looks beautiful, large, and magnificent, which makes this cologne cathedral as the highest gothic style cathedral and famous in the world.

Interior design are impressive, with great room makes the Cologne Cathedral looks magnificent and beautiful, there are many choirs original fittings, including carved stalls, with a mix of stained glass windows from the 19th century, the value of art is not paid off by anything. Cologne Cathedral also have another attraction, this church has 12 bells, one of which is free swinging bells St. Peter’s, which is the largest in the world.