Columbus Museum of Art, One of the Best Ohio Art Museums

This is one of the best Ohio museums, Columbus Museum of Art, founded in 1878 as the Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts. And this time this art museum displaysmore than 10,500 art works best from several countries.

Initial collection of the Columbus Museum of Art is more focused on European and American art, but as time passes, the Columbus  exhibiting several collections of contemporary art and photography permanently, you will get some collection of Picasso, Degas, Matisse, and Monet.

Now the Columbus Museum of Art offers several outdoor sculpture gallery, and interactive exhibition aimed at families and children, it offers many lessons to every visitor, with some programs that were held, allowing audiences to explore, imagine, thinking, imagination, and creativity . if you want to act directly in the arts, and other. Visit the Columbus Museum of Art, and get inspiration for your artwork.