Con Dao, One of the Most Beautiful Island in Vietnam

Con Dao is one of the most beautiful island in Vietnam, located off the coast of southern countries, the precisely located about 200 km from Ho Chi Minh City. before it became a vacation destination, this island is a prison island for political prisoners during the colonial French, who was called as Poulo Condore, so if you do you will find the rest of the old prison buildings are still standing and open to the public which is now in use as a museum. The island is very famous for its natural beauty with large wooded hills, has a clear waters and coral reefs, so the place has become quite popular diving destination, but relax on the golden sandy beaches.

One thing that became the main attraction in Con Dao is the opportunity to observe dugong and dolphins can be found in local waters. This is one of Vietnam tourism is growing, so there is some Villa which offers modern facilities, you can also stay at the Six Senses Con Dao is located about 7 miles from Co Ong airport, Six Senses offers a private room in the middle of a fairly dense mangrove vegetation, the beautiful scenery that can be seen from the pool directly overlooking the South China Sea.

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