Corfu, Most Popular Destination for Greek Holidays

Corfu is one place to the north of the Ionian Islands, Greek. which has a great view of the several beaches that are owned, located on the Adriatic Sea with Mediterranean warm temperatures that make this place ideal for surfing, sunbathing, and doing water sports for pursuit of adrenaline. there are various types of beaches in Corfu, ranging from sandy beaches on the west side of the island, and beaches with calm waters on the east side. each naming the beach followed by name of the at every beach resort, and every coast of Corfu has its own features and attractions , ranging from the quiet atmosphere from a isolated beach, and beaches rich in fun activities . this place is one of the most popular destination for Greek holidays, offering family vacation packages, groups and honeymoon couples. in addition to offering beautiful beaches, Corfu also offers a unique trip into the old city area which offers local shopping goods, and funky restaurants providing local cuisine. There are many hotels in Corfu town which offers a classic romantic atmosphere.

Beaches in Corfu

Corfu Town