Denver Museum of Art, Civic Center Denver, Colorado

This museum is very popular with American Indian art, and more than 60,000 works from around the world, the Denver Museum of Art, is located in Civic Center Denver, Colorado.

Denver Museum of Art offers a number of exhibitions and programs in introducing his collection, with the look and presentation of an interesting the museum attracted many tourists, both teachers, children, families, and students, as has been discussed a lot of people, this museum is a family-friendly environment.

This museum offers a holiday camp for spring and summer, with some games and art exhibitions are displayed, both permanent exhibition, as well as special exhibitions. Denver Museum of Art also displays some of the best works of Asian art, American, European, African, Oceanic, pre-Columbus, also the appearance of the art collection of architecture, design, graphics, modern, and contemporary, all summed up in the Denver art museum.