Derawan Island, The Sea Turtles Conservation

If you like the nautical tourism should you visit the sea turtles conservation areas, Berau regency, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. This place must be your agenda for the stunning beauty of the waters.

This is an area where sea and mangrove waters regulated for the purposes of activities marine tourism and research as well as to develop the social economy surrounding community. Archipelagic sea turtles are located in Sulawesi, on the coastal islands of Berau, East Kalimantan, for the moment There are currently no direct flights to this region. Flights from Jakarta to Balikpapan only, replace it with a small plane to Cape Redeb the capital of Berau District. From Cape Redeb use speedboats to the island Derawan. Then it took an hour to reach the mouth of the river down. This place is now used as tourist attractions because of the famous dive with coral reefs and marine life are amazing, because the water is very pure and clean you can also do snorkeling on the beach. In this place of water from the Berau river and sea water mix to protect the reefs of Sulawesi, spread around 460 species of hard corals, and included as an area that has a hard rock number two after the Raja Ampat Islands in eastern Indonesia. According to research this place is also home to 870 species of fish, 347 species of reef fish, 222 types of mollusks, 7 species of crustaceans, 183 species of coral, 7 species of seagrasses, and some marine organisms such as green turtles, dugong, and many other unique marine life Derawan island so make sure you schedule your trip and visit the sea turtles. Indonesia

Derawan Island Marine Life
Derawan Island Turtle, Indonesian Tourism