Dominican Republic Best Beaches

Dominican Republic is a virgin natural landscape that is part of the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic occupies about two-thirds of the eastern Caribbean island of Hispaniola, precisely located between the islands of Jamaica, Cuba and Puerto Rico.
Whether your holiday this time in the Dominican Republic? you do not wrong choose the  Dominican Republic vacations packages, Dominican Republic Surrounded by nearly 260 miles of coastline to the north, east and south, this place has a bright sandy beach, this is caused because the content of corals is quite high, supported by some tree coconut which allows you to take shelter from the sun is quite hot, usually tourists do Diving and snorkeling are performed at the peak of the season. A good idea to visit the Dominican Republic resort in late November to April, this is supported by Dominican Republic weathers ideal for the atmosphere of the Caribbean coast.

Punta Cana beach

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There is the most popular airport for tourists from the southeast, from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana, is the Las Americas International Airport, and you can use American Airlines airline that offers nonstop service to the airport of the Dominican Republic. If you are in the airport, many bus services and taxis that offer services to the coastal beaches of the Dominican Republic that you want.

Dominican Republic is a virgin-natural landscape and beautiful beaches
Dominican Republic weather