Downtown Aquarium Houston Attractions

Offers a wide array of activities and exhibits for children and adults, so this place is perfect for family vacations, Downtown Aquarium is one of the most popular destination in Houston, where it is located at 410 Bagby St in downtown Houston Texas. With a full service restaurant, upscale bar, a ballroom full of water & geographic exhibits, shopping and various entertainment, Downtown Aquarium has it all. Houston Texas Aquarium opened on Sunday – Thursday 10:00 to 21:00 and 10:00 to 23:00 Friday & Saturday for Exhibitions. And Sunday – 11:00 to 09:00 Thursday and Friday & Saturday 11:00 to 11:00 for the Restaurant.

Exhibition at the Aquarium adventure includes several activities : Louisiana Swamp: You’ll get swamps and bayous Tour adventure, in this place you will find some of the crocodile, alligator turtles catfish and frogs, or look out at the beautiful diversity of species in the marine world has to offer in Shipwreck, you also can learn more fertile environment in the history of the world’s tropical rain forests and their life in the river, here you can see the Red-bellied piranhas and venomous freshwater stingrays, emerald tree boa, frogs and birds, colorful rain forest . Do you already know the Sunken Temple? if not, you can learn about the history of the ancient legend of El Dorado, the Mayan ruins offer a Lionfish, tarantulas and bloated, or electric eel and Tiger Reticulated Python is more than 20 feet. There are many adventures that show you can do at the Downtown Aquarium Houston, including the Discovery Rig, Gulf of Mexico and White Tigers of the Maharaja’s Temple. Besides offering the above activities, the Aquarium also offers Games & Rides, such as the Shark Voyage, Diving Bell Ferris Wheel, Carousel and Lighthouse Dive Aquatic. And any other event that is equally enjoyable. via ..