Duinrell, Place to Meet the Needs of a Family Vacation in Netherlands

Not only famous for its historic buildings and historic cities, Netherlands also have a place to meet the needs of a family vacation. such as, Duinrell, these place is an amusement park located in the Wassenaar. Duinrell offers fun for all ages. The park is divided into three parts – the amusement park, and Holiday park Tiki Pool. There are a lot of attractions. Among the most famous attractions are the water attraction Splash, a Falcon roller coaster, castle of adventure racing and bobsledding. If you come here, this is the first and best to visit the observation tower, from which you can see all the attractions and choose the right one. Duinrell is part of a water park Tiki Pool, which offers a number of pools and water attractions. It can also boast more than a mile-long water slides. They are said to have longer blades of water through the Netherlands. For visitors there is also a caravan park and camping.  open from early April to late October.

Duinrell theme parks in Netherlands
Duinrell, family vacation in Netherlands
Rides at Duinrell in Netherlands