Eden Project, View of the Cool from a Variety of Plants from Each Environment on Greenhouses in Britain

The Eden Project is a unique complex of greenhouses in Britain. This place located in the south-west England, not far from the town of St. Austell, about 42 kilometers west of the city of Plymouth. Eden Project was built in a disused clay mine to show people how plants are very important to human life. This place offers visitors a number of interactive activities as well as restaurants and playgrounds for children, which presents a beautiful view of the cool from a variety of plants from each environment.

There are two main greenhouses in Eden Project aims to create a warmer climate. Visitors have the chance to learn about and explore the close relationship between the environment and plants. In the first greenhouse at the Eden Project, there is the hot and humid climate. There are more than 7,000 trees and plants in this large emissions. There are tropical plants in the Amazon that grow up to enormous sizes. You can also find plants of West Africa, such as ibogu, banana or coffee plants from Malaysia and Oceania, such as Catharanthus roseus “Madagascar periwinkle”,  to cure leukemia. This is the biggest  tropical greenhouse in the world. In the second greenhouse at the Eden Project, there is hot and dry climate. It has plants in the Mediterranean, South Africa and California. You can find plants such as olive, orange, lemon or grapes.

Eden Project Beauty
Eden Project in Britain
Interactive Activities in Eden Project Britain