Engelberg Switzerland, Top Destination for Skiing and Other Challenging Activities

Engelberg is one of the villages in Switzerland, which became a top destination for skiing, in addition to offering multiple paths for hiking and mountain biking. Engelberg is located in Canton Obwalden. Before becoming a mountain resort, spa, and ski area, this place is famous for Engelberg Abbey, is a Benedictine convent education.

Engelberg is a popular destination for summer tourism and winter in Switzerland. with gains closer to big cities like Zurich. for winter skiing, Engelberg offers  ski trails for advanced skiers, although some are available also for beginners, supported by a fairly long season, approximately from October to late May. And for a summer resort, Engelberg offers challenging activities for hiking, and walking, in addition to visiting historic sites, such as the museum of the valley, trying to spend the night at the Hotel Europaischer Hof, and visit some of the old chapel.

Engelberg Abbey in Switzerland
Engelberg Mountain Resort in Switzerland
Engelberg on Winter
Hotel Europaischer Hof in Engelberg