Explore Every Angle to Get an Unforgettable Trips in Mount Shasta California

"Mount Shasta"

Now is the time to explore the Mount Shasta area, located in Siskiyou County, California. the mountain Standing 14,162 on feet, at the top. Mount Shasta has a volume estimated 350 km 3 which makes stratovolcano in the Cascades volcanic arc. with 17 routes assigned to each challenge and the scenery in every area. such as the Avalanche Gulch route and the Clear Creek route that became the most popular routes on Mount Shasta. you can find natural beauty and recreational paradise in the mount Shasta area. Shasta lake, rivers, forests containing wild animals and unique plants, and BackCountry to explore the stunning nature, whether to do so in the summer and winter. you can do your habit for skiing, snowboarding in mount shasta ski park, fishing, golf, mountain biking tour, rock climbing, hiking, and mountaineering experience to explore every angle to get an unforgettable trip.