Fiji Information

Fiji is a beautiful island which consists of more than 300 Fiji islands that became a thriving tourist destination. This place is one that offers a tropical vacation atmosphere of the beach, which is also offers some Fiji hotel accommodation which is some of the best in the world. Fiji vacation offers more than just the usual beach holiday. There are plenty of adventure waiting beneath the sea with scuba diving and snorkeling as one of the top picks for this enchanting land.

If you want to travel to Fiji, it would not hurt if you take a trip cruises are available year-round, you can relax and have fun in the sparkling white beach resort, or doing fun activities like snorkeling, diving, surfing or sea kayaking pure, other than that , you can also take a whitewater raft drains clear and clean, or set sail for the mainland and outer island areas. In addition, if you are a fan of the forest area, you can get a chance to explore the rain forest regions, islands, visiting villages, rich in history and culture. If it is great that you want, it’s good if you visit the Nadi full of attractions and interesting shops. This place is home to the main island of Viti Levu which offers some of Fiji’s best attractions, which also offers accommodations such as hotels and hostels.

Fiji is also often referred to as a romantic island, because the island is frequented by couples, both for being a honeymoon and for couples who do weddings at this beautiful island. Regardless of the purpose of your visit, you can bet your trip will not be futile. eco-tourism is also popular in this place, you can stay at one of the many eco-resorts, lodges, backpacker or a village homestay. where you will have the opportunity to track, swimming or birdwatch in our National Parks and Reserves. Crafts and cultural performances such as dance is one that is characteristic of this island.

Renowned as the Soft Coral Capital of the World and is also home to the Great Astrolabe Reef, making it a superb place to dive. You can easily get Shore diving, night diving, resort diving, wreck diving or cave diving. So in that you doubt to visit Fiji, regardless of who you are, adventurers, lovers, divers, or backpackers. On this island you have something to do.

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