Folsom Lake, Famous Recreation Area, Water Sport Destination in Sacramento, Northern California

Folsom Lake is a man made lake located in Northern California, this lake created by the construction of Folsom dam, located about 30 km northeast of Sacramento. Besides being used as an initial goal, namely to control the American river, hydroelectric power, and irrigation, the lake has also become one of the places of recreation, both for family camp, the fans of adventure activities, and water sports lovers. Folsom Lake offers opportunities for biking along the 32 mile bike path that connects the lake, with several parks in Sacramento County before ending in Old Sacramento. this offer is not yet finish, you can do hiking, camping, and picnics. If you are a fan of water sports, you can gain experience in water skiing, kayak and boating, or trying to catch fish, with water clear and clean, allowing some freshwater fish live here, such as trout, catfish, big and small mouth bass or perch. If you are looking for all these activities, there is nothing wrong if you visit the Folsom Lake.

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